1. this is the longest relationship I have been in, since THIRD GRADE! my best best friend and my sister is finally 21 and I had so much fun watching her take shot after shot👍. even though we rarely get to hang out, when we do, it feels like nothing’s changed. you’re stuck with me for life😛 Happy Birthday Mersedes, I love you! ❤️🍺👯 (at Players Sports Bar)

  2. Alesmith Brewing Co. Oktoberfest (at Plan 9 Alehouse)

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  6. bff ❤️ (at Knott’s Berry Farm)

  7. more 🍺 of course (at North County Tavern+Bowl)

  8. beautiful day in SD 🍺 (at Pacific Beach Alehouse)


  11. "If you don’t end up smiling while you are kissing someone, you are probably kissing the wrong person."
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  12. YES

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  14. gettin paid to COOK AND EAT HEALTHY FOOD ❤️🔪 (at Whole Foods Market La Jolla)